Dairy Application

Dairy Application

Mino Gaillard

Mino Gaillard is a leading supplier of various solutions crafted in polypropylene

Cheese moulds, individual moulds and blocks in PP

Cheese ripening/storage baskets in PP

Plastic shelving crafted as plastic racks no corrosion, solid crafted in one piece in PP

Top and Bottom Frames in stainless steel

Stainless steel rackets

Distributors in stainless steel

Customized solutions in plastic from Group Medicos are available, also embracing the Pharmaceutical Industry

FoodTech Denmark
Block forms with Bottom
Stainless Steel Racks
Racks in PP
Block Forms without Bottom


Tecnal is a specialist in applications for soft cheese and semi hard cheese. Know How:

Form Filling

Basin lines

Press filter systems

Dry salting


Fine Savers

Complete mechanization of cheese lines

Compentence to enter projects for processing cheese milk.

Form Filler
Basin Line
Moulding System
CIP Plant
Filter Screeners


Nordic Dairy Technology is a leading company in supplying complete lines for Cottage Cheese. As an outcome of cottage cheese technology – NDT is capable to offer Horizontal cheese vats on the market. These Horizontal cheese vats are designed to contribute to an efficient cheese Yield, and crafted according to eHeDG Hygienic guidelines. NDT is a Dairy Engineering company, which is able to analyze any technological challenge, and come up with technical advice or machinery solutions.


AIR QUALITY PROCESS is engineering, designing and manufacturing solutions for air quality control. The design and equipment is offering the control in terms of ventilation, humidity (dehumidification in dairy process room and humidification in cheese aging room for instance), cooling and heating. This competency is especially pronounced within cheese application. The design is offering the highest level of hygiene in dairies, in example the air-conditioners are CIPable and are the only one in the world enjoying the USDA approval for use in dairies. With Air Quality Process the GMP regulation is respected in terms of airflows from High to Lower Hygienic zones, combined with an energy friendly approach. Vast amount of references across the Dairy World.

CIP - able
Air Processing
USDA Approval
Gruyere Ripening
Soft & Hard Cheese
Hygienic Design
Double O
Inox Cheese Vats
Open cheese vat with cubber
Moulding Unit
Moulding Unit Vacuum (Patent)
Washing Tunnel


A real specialist within the manufacture of equipment suitable for semi hard and hard cheese. Scope of supply from milk reception till the end of brining. Several patented solutions as well as  specialised cubber surface treatment of the cheese vats when applicable. Vast amount of references across the Milk Globe.


Leading company in Butter making lines across the Butter World. Preferred supplier for many larger Dairy Groups and experience within butter and margarine applications since 1856.  Advanced continously butter making machines are installed every year within Europe and outside.

Manufacture of all types of butter.

Pumping and distribution to packaging machines.

Blending, texturing and mixing of fats, frozen or not, for repackaging or industrial use.

Semi-automatic or fully automated packaging in cartons.

Technological support with the development of new processes and new products.

Continously Rework
Fat Melting
Butter Pump
Rework & Tempering
Continously Butter Making

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